This Week’s Top 10 Real Estate News


Tom Petty’s $5.9 Million Lake House!

“October Housing News Best Since 2007”
According to the U.S. Commerce Department, Americans were buying new homes in October at the fastest rate since 2007 – an annual rate of about 685,000 new homes. The National Association of Realtors reports equally strong sales for existing homes up to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of almost 5.5 million. The increases were higher than experts expected after two months of hurricane disasters and low inventory. Continue reading “This Week’s Top 10 Real Estate News”

DWTS to Return for a Spring “Mini-Season” with an All-Athlete Cast

By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/29/17 – On Tuesday night, DANCING WITH THE STARS host Tom Bergeron announced that the four-week season would exclusively feature athletes as contestants!  This unique format will bring “participants from all corners of the sports world” onto the stage, according to an ABC press release.  Sports figures’ natural athleticism and discipline of course translate so well to the dance floor!

This DWTS “mini-season” is distinct from the actual Fall 2018 26th season, it seems.  What might this mean for the winners?  Many questions still remain!

As for the biggest question about who the “mini-season” dancers might be, here are some top picks among retired or off-season champions: 

First-Time Contestants:

Kobe Bryant, champion basketball player

Michelle Kwan, champion figure skater

Michael Phelps, champion swimmer

Alex Rodriguez, champion baseball player who is dating Jennifer Lopez (WORLD OF DANCE)

OJ Simpson, champion football player

Tony Stewart, champion racecar driver 

Returning Contestants:

Derek Fisher, champion basketball player

Evander Holyfield, champion boxer

Kyla Ross, champion gymnast

Kristi Yamaguchi, champion figure skater

These are the champions, my friend!  See which ones DANCE to WIN on DWTS.

Feat/Int: “Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose: How to Fix a Toxic Culture” What Went Wrong

Talk-show host and journalist Charlie Rose (center) interviews Katie Couric and Matt Lauer on “Charlie Rose” in 2002. “Today” show host Lauer is the latest in a long list of men—including Rose—to face sexual misconduct accusations, casting this 2002 interview in a new light.

There are more questions than answers following news that Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC’s Today Show, accused of sexual misconduct just one week after CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose. With workplace environment now under the microscope, Piyush Patel—an expert in corporate culture—is revealing how companies can purge themselves of toxicity before it’s too late. Continue reading “Feat/Int: “Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose: How to Fix a Toxic Culture” What Went Wrong”

New podcast about Princess Diana & Prince Harry

Perfectly timed to the engagement of the century, this week celebrity filmmaker and documentarian Andrew Jenks breaks down “What Really Happened?” with Princess Diana, as well as her feminism, her exceptional sons and her dedication to helping others from all walks of life in his podcast executive produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, together with Cadence13, the leading creator of premium, on-demand audio entertainment.

The episode goes live today and you can listen here.

More information below. Teaser video here

About “What Really Happened”
In the new podcast series, Jenks applies the extensive research skills he’s honed as a documentary filmmaker to better understand, dispute and tell the deeper story behind six real-life narratives from modern history. Executive produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, this podcast challenges accepted narratives around key events involving legendary figures. With the premise that the “official story” is a rough draft of the truth, Jenks digs into the gaps between perception and reality, examining motives as well as new facts, offering up an unvarnished, intimate perspective that makes these stories outstandingly compelling. The initial six real-life, epic dramas include Muhammad Ali, Chris Christie, Britney Spears, Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill and Princess Diana.

Oscar® Winning Filmmaker John Ridley featured on Town Hall Los Angeles on KCET

Town Hall LA Host Val Zavala interview with John Ridley, Oscar® Winning Filmmaker
Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET
Thursday, Nov. 30 at 8 pm ET/PT on Link TV


By: Judy Shields

Photos: KCET & Google


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/29/2017 – “When a show like Town Hall, they called and said they want you to be involved, that is not lost on me, what that means, the fact that so many people in Southern California are going to see this show and be aware of the stories and have an opportunity for me to speak directly to what things are about.  I don’t take things like that for granted.”  John Ridley told The Hollywood Times today during a phone interview.

Val Zavala and John Ridley Oscar® winning filmmaker

John also said, “I appreciate you thanking me for taking the time to be on the show, and speaking to you, but it’s not lost on me. People like Town Hall, saying hey we really want to know what John Ridley is thinking, what he is doing, more about the story he is telling. Those are rare spaces and I need to appreciate it.”

John Ridley won an Oscar® for writing 12 Years a Slave and is the creator, director, and executive producer of ABC’s Emmy®-winning series American Crime.



His limited series Guerilla, with Idris Elba, Freida Pinto, and Babou Ceesay recently aired on Showtime and Sky. “Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992”, his critically acclaimed documentary about the Los Angeles uprising, premiered in theaters and aired on ABC in April.





So don’t forget to tune in tonight on KCET and watch John Ridley’s interview with Val Zavala. It’s a memorable one on one.

The Hollywood Times had the pleasure of interviewing John Ridley today:

Val Zavala and John Ridley Oscar® winning filmmaker

THT: How was the interview with Val Zavala on Town Hall?

John Ridley: “It was wonderful. I was very fortunate, I’ve known Val and worked with her previously and to be invited into a space where you have the opportunity to not only talk about the things that you do, but to be able to talk about them with patience and with depth.”

“To talk with someone who really understand, not only what you are doing but, for me as a first-time documentarian support the concepts of journalistic integrity. We are living in a time when people, the disregard for individuals who are out there trying to get to truth and get the facts, unfortunately being denigrated on a daily basis. So, to be on Town Hall and be on with someone like Val, who has spent her life in conversation, it was a wonderful opportunity.”

“It is one of those things when you are around, and I give a lot of interviews but there are certain times you are around people and you know that they are on book, studies and they know the material and your typical answers are ones that you would give in the short form. Sometimes you just know going into it that they are not going to be good enough, not that someone is trying to trip you up, but they want to know more and they want to explore.  That is very exciting.  Sometimes you have to re-examine your own material, but it is also very exciting to be in a space where it really is about the conversation and really getting to the things that lie beneath the surface.”

THT: How old were you when you knew you wanted to write?

John: “It is interesting, because I always appreciated writing for a long time, but there was a big chunk of my life where I didn’t particularly like to read and writing felt like a chore.  It wasn’t necessarily when I was a young person that it was the kind of career that I thought I would end up in.  I think it was over time, evolution, because I came to appreciate reading more and appreciate expression more. The only skill set I had, although, it may in retrospect be one of the few skill sets I had.  I really think that when I was young, it was the last thing I wanted to do was read or write or be involved in the depths of history or things that acquire a lot of analysis. But over time, I think it was something I thought I could do fairly well.  More importantly, as I have done it as a career, I have always enjoyed the process of writing storytelling.”

THT:  So you do like the storytelling?

John: “Absolutely. More than anything. Now I really like interviewing people and listening and creating a space where people can share their story with their voices and less about me just creating and writing and coming up with things. More about giving myself an education and then see if I can take those things that I have learned and put them in front of an audience in a way that is interesting and compelling.”

John Ridley

THT: What was the first piece you wrote and how old were you?

John: “Probably I would have to say it was in college. I started working for a local press in Brooklyn. The first time I had to write where facts matter and I had to call people up. This was way before the internet and Google up things, saying okay I found it in two places, so it must be a fact. It was about calling people and to be responsible, having an editor and it was daunting, kind of scary at times. I was studying journalism for a bit, it was not my major when I graduated. It was one of those things that I had an appreciation for the process.”

“Years later, I returned to it, and said okay, not only do I appreciate it, but understanding more of the value of what it really takes to get a story.  I just think there is not enough spaces anymore that not only appreciate that, but advocate for it and again being part of Town Hall where people are advocating for stories, advocating storytellers and then saying let’s sit down and have a conversation, that is amazing.”

“It’s one thing to be on it, but to get invited, you reach a part in your career, even having done things that I am very proud of, when people invite you to be part of something, there are writers and storytellers that I have such respect and admiration for and I know not everyone is asking them to be parts of a conversation, to share their stories and their perspectives and put context with the stories they are talking about.”

We spoke about social media and the fact I like to still write letters.

John said “it is a lost art, writing letters, and what I appreciate about people stilling doing that is having patience. He thinks that is one of the things we have lost. There are many good things about instant communication, but being patient, being thoughtful, taking the time to check your work, thinking about what you are saying.  Those kinds of things.  I don’t want to sound like my granddad, but I mourn the loss of patience of empathetic responses, people just taking a bit of time to really think about what they are saying, the impact that their words might have.”

THT: Did you have an inspiring teacher?

John: “I had so many inspiring teachers, but I would say the most inspiring teachers that I had were my parents or are my parents. My Mother was a teacher and actually still works in teaching, and my Dad. There is nothing like having two people around you, who love you, support you and even if you don’t agree with every single thing that they do in terms of raising you, you are aware that they are constantly in your life and they are looking out for you. How you conduct yourself, it matters. You still go out in life and make mistakes. But just having that moment, when you think about okay how is this going to reflect on my parents, the things that I do. Again, just taking a pause, we all go out and live our own lives, but that is such an amazing value. I have to give all the credit for all of my success to my parents.  That is the truth!”

THT: You grew up in Wisconsin, what was that like?

John: “I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, my parents and my youngest sister still live there, great environment. One of the great things about being from a smaller environment is that the whole city takes pride in the things that you do.  I am very thankful not only have I been able to accomplish some things and hopefully I can take the things that I have accomplished and return the favor to the environment that was very supportive.”

THT: Did you learn how to multi-task from your Mother or your Father?

John: “I think it is just some disorder I have where I don’t feel quite right unless I am working on many things at one time.  It is really odd, when I am working I think I need a break, a vacation. I did “American Crime,” “Guerrilla” and “Let It Fall” all at the same time and as you can imagine is what just manic. This year I have had much more time, comparatively speaking, to take things in and there are days I wake up and go I can’t believe I am not working on this project or that project, I have to do something, what’s wrong with me”?

THT:  What do you want for Christmas?

John: “World Peace.  I don’t have any capacity to deliver that.  Please feel free, if you don’t give it to me personally, feel free to dispense it to everyone else you know.”

2017 Winter TCS press tour 1/9/17 Pasadena, California. (Photo by Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait)

THT: When did you buy your first Hoodie?

John: “My gosh, not sure when I bought my first one, but I can tell you this, I will never be down to my last one. I will be buried in a hoodie.


THT: Where does your Oscar® reside in your house?

John: “I will say that it is not currently in my house.  It is at a secure location, undisclosed secure location, like where they put the Vice President, in times of trouble, just in case.”

John Ridley and his Oscar®

Town Hall Los Angeles with a goal of giving access and timely insights into California solutions with a world view. The goal of TOWN HALL LOS ANGELES is to present cutting-edge solutions, visionary thinkers and intriguing stories from the worlds of technology, medicine, the economy, social justice, the arts and more. Through exclusive, intimate discussions with KCETs SOCAL CONNECTED anchor Val Zavala, top industry experts offer their perspectives and solutions to regional, national and international matters.

KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station, continues the series this Wednesday, November 29th 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET in Southern California. While Link TV, available nationwide to all subscribers of Dish Network (channel 9410) and DirecTV (channel 375).

Following its successful debut last year on KCET, TOWN HALL LOS ANGELES continues to provide viewers insight on a variety of issues that affect Southern California from people at the forefront of their respective fields. During the taping of each episode, KCETs Facebook followers participated by asking questions for each of the TOWN HALL ANGELES guests.

The series will be telecast as follows (subject to change):

John Ridley, Oscar Winning Filmmaker – Wed., Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET/ Thurs., Nov. 30 at 8 pm ET/PT on Link TV

Marqueece Harris-Dawson & Jennifer Ito, Councilmember to the 8th District of LA & Research Director at USCs Program for Environmental and Regional Equity – Wed., Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET/ Thurs., Dec. 7 at 8 pm ET/PT on Link TV

Adam Steltzner, JPL Chief Engineer for the Mars 2020 Project – Wed., Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET/ Thurs., Dec. 14 at 8 pm ET/PT on Link TV

Karla Ortiz & Lucy Herrera, Youth Organizer with the East Los Angeles Women’s Center & Leadership Program Manager for Legacy LA, under the Youth Council Leadership Program – Wed., Dec. 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on KCET/ Thurs., Dec. 28 at 8 pm ET/PT on Link TV

As the paramount gathering place for the past 80 years for industry leaders to share perspectives and influence change in the community, Town Hall Los Angeles is ranked among the Top 10 Leadership Forums in the nation.  Town Hall Los Angeles provides a distinct and vital nonpartisan voice that helps the Southern California community become better informed on timely issues, breakthrough developments and innovative trends that impact the regions businesses, community and people.

Additionally, will feature video-streaming of all broadcast episodes, as well as web-original content including clips and highlights with the speakers.

Join the conversation on social media using #TownHallLA


KCETLink Media Group is a national independent, nonprofit, digital and broadcast network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse programming designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment, local communities, and opportunities for engagement and social action, KCETLink depicts people and the world through a lens unavailable elsewhere in U.S. media. A viewer-supported 501(c)(3) organization, KCETLink content is distributed nationally via satellite on Link TV DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410 and on KCET in Southern and Central California via broadcast and cable, as well as through various digital delivery systems. For additional information about KCET and Link TV productions, web-exclusive content, programming schedules and community events, please visit or Select programming from KCET and Link TV is also available for streaming on Apple TV, and Roku platforms.




Nominations for THE 60TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS® were announced this morning by The Recording Academy®. This year’s class of GRAMMY nominees was selected from more than 22,000 submissions across 84 categories. The nominations showcase some of the most gifted music makers of the past awards year (Oct. 1, 2016–Sept. 30, 2017). As the only peer-selected music award, the GRAMMY is voted on by the Recording Academy’s membership body of music makers, who represent all genres and creative disciplines, including recording artists, songwriters, producers, mixers, and engineers. Final-round GRAMMY® ballots will be mailed Dec. 7-21. THE 60TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden in New York Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 (8:00–11:30 PM, live ET/5:00–8:30 PM, live PT) on the CBS Television Network.

This year, already a 21-time GRAMMY winner, Jay-Z leads the nominations with eight, followed by Kendrick Lamar with seven, Bruno Mars with six and Childish Gambino, Khalid and SZA, who each earn five.

“I’m inspired by this year’s nominees and the incredible talent each possesses,” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of the Recording Academy. “Their recordings are a true testament to how creatively alive and meaningful our music industry has become. Each nominee uses their craft to inspire, uplift, and tell stories of our world through their artistry. They provide a vibrant soundtrack that represents the highest level of excellence and continues to impact and reflect our culture.”

Following is a sampling of nominations from the GRAMMY Awards’ 30 fields and 84 categories. For a complete nominations list, visit


Album Of The Year:

Awaken, My Love! — Childish Gambino

4:44 — JAY-Z

DAMN. — Kendrick Lamar

Melodrama — Lorde

24K Magic — Bruno Mars


Record Of The Year:

“Redbone” — Childish Gambino

“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

“The Story Of O.J.” — JAY-Z

“HUMBLE.” — Kendrick Lamar

“24K Magic” — Bruno Mars


Song Of The Year:

“Despacito” — Ramón Ayala, Justin Bieber, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, Erika Ender, Luis Fonsi & Marty James Garton, songwriters (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber)

“4:44” — Shawn Carter & Dion Wilson, songwriters (JAY-Z)

“Issues” — Benny Blanco, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Julia Michaels & Justin Drew Tranter, songwriters (Julia Michaels)

“1-800-273-8255” — Alessia Caracciolo, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Arjun Ivatury, Khalid Robinson, songwriters (Logic Featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid)

“That’s What I Like” — Christopher Brody Brown, James Fauntleroy, Philip Lawrence, Bruno Mars, Ray Charles McCullough II, Jeremy Reeves, Ray Romulus & Jonathan Yip, songwriters (Bruno Mars)

Best New Artist:

Alessia Cara


Lil Uzi Vert

Julia Michaels



Best Pop Solo Performance:

“Love So Soft” — Kelly Clarkson

“Praying” — Kesha

“Million Reasons” — Lady Gaga

“What About Us” — P!nk

“Shape Of You” — Ed Sheeran


Best Dance/Electric Album:

Migration — Bonobo

3-D The Catalogue — Kraftwerk

Mura Masa — Mura Masa

A Moment Apart — Odesza

What Now — Sylvan Esso



Best Rock Performance:

“You Want It Darker” — Leonard Cohen

“The Promise” — Chris Cornell

“Run” — Foo Fighters

“No Good” — Kaleo

“Go To War” — Nothing More


Best Urban Contemporary Album:

Free 6lack — 6lack

Awaken, My Love! — Childish Gambino

American Teen — Khalid

Ctrl — SZA

Starboy — The Weeknd



Best Rap Album:

4:44 — JAY-Z

DAMN. — Kendrick Lamar

Culture — Migos

Laila’s Wisdom — Rapsody

Flower Boy — Tyler, The Creator



Best Country Album:

Cosmic Hallelujah — Kenny Chesney

Heart Break — Lady Antebellum

The Breaker — Little Big Town

Life Changes — Thomas Rhett

From A Room: Volume 1 — Chris Stapleton


Best Jazz Vocal Album:

The Journey — The Baylor Project

A Social Call — Jazzmeia Horn

Bad Ass And Blind — Raul Midón

Porter Plays Porter — Randy Porter Trio With Nancy King

Dreams And Daggers — Cécile McLorin Salvant


Best Gospel Album:

Crossover — Travis Greene

Bigger Than Me — Le’Andria

Close — Marvin Sapp

Sunday Song — Anita Wilson

Let Them Fall In Love — Cece Winans


Best Contemporary Christian Music Album:

Rise — Danny Gokey

Echoes (Deluxe Edition) —  Matt Maher

Lifer — MercyMe

Hills And Valleys — Tauren Wells

Chain Breaker — Zach Williams


Best Latin Album

Lo Único Constante —  Alex Cuba

Mis Planes Son Amarte — Juanes

Amar Y Vivir En Vivo Desde La Cuidad De México, 2017 — La Santa Cecilia

Musas (Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos) — Natalia Lafourcade

El Dorado — Shakira



Best Americana Album:

Southern Blood — Gregg Allman

Shine On Rainy Day — Brent Cobb

Beast Epic — Iron & Wine

The Nashville Sound — Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit

Brand New Day — The Mavericks


Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical:

Calvin Harris

No I.D.

Greg Kurstin

Blake Mills

The Stereotypes


Best Song Written For Visual Media:

“City Of Stars” — Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul, songwriters (Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone), Track from La La Land

“How Far I’ll Go” — Lin-Manuel Miranda, songwriter (Auli’i Cravalho), Track from Moana: The Songs

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” (Fifty Shades Darker) — Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew & Taylor Swift, songwriters (ZAYN & Taylor Swift), Track from Fifty Shades Darker

“Never Give Up” — Sia Furler & Gregg Kurstin, songwriters (Sia), Track from Lion

“Stand Up For Something” — Common & Diane Warren, songwriters (Andra Day Featuring Common), Track from Marshall

THE 60TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS® is produced by AEG Ehrlich Ventures for The Recording Academy. Ken Ehrlich is executive producer, Louis J. Horvitz is director, Ben Winston is a producer, Chantal Sausedo is the Talent Producer and David Wild and Ehrlich are the writers.

This just in! @S_C_ @KendrickLamar & @BrunoMars lead GRAMMY NOMS! #GRAMMYs air LIVE on #CBS 1/28/18!


About The Recording Academy:

The Recording Academy represents the voices of performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and all music professionals. Dedicated to ensuring the recording arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, the Academy honors music’s history while investing in its future through the GRAMMY Museum®, advocates on behalf of music creators, supports music people in times of need through MusiCares®, and celebrates artistic excellence through the GRAMMY Awards—music’s only peer-recognized accolade and highest achievement. As the world’s leading society of music professionals, we work year-round to foster a more inspiring world for creators.


Kenny Loggins at The Rose in Pasadena and Saban Theatre This Week

Kenny Loggins will be performing at The Rose in Pasadena this Thursday, November 30th at 9 p.m.

Saturday, December 2nd at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills and

Sunday, December 3rd at The Canyon in Agoura Hills. Get your tickets here:


By: Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/28/2017 – “I have never played the Rose and I started at the Glendale Ice House.  When I was a kid, my first band was called “The Second Helping” and we were regulars at the Glendale Ice House.”  Kenny Loggins told the Hollywood Times during a telephone conversation this week.

The interview was truly a great honor and he sure is a great storyteller. 

THT:  Do you prefer intimate venues or large stadiums?

Kenny: “I prefer intimate. I like to tell stories, I like to talk about the early days and where the songs came from. People have grown up with the songs and they are interested in the history.”

THT: When did you get your first guitar?

Kenny: “I stole it from my big brother.  He bought it and ended up putting it on his wall. My Brother Dan was just four years older than me and he had a strict rule that I was not allowed to go into his room or touch any of his stuff.  I had to sneak his guitar off the wall when he wasn’t home and I would learn to play it and put it back on the wall so that he wouldn’t beat me up when he came home.  One day I suddenly knew how to play the guitar, so we pulled out a Beatles’ song and we played some Beatles songs together. I always thought he had the better voice, but you know how it is with big brothers.”  

THT: Yep, you can’t tell them anything, right?

Kenny: “Yeah! I tried to get him in my band, but he didn’t like showing up for rehearsal, so the guys in the band were upset about that.”

THT: What did your brother end up doing for his career?

Kenny:  “For many years, he ended up being an A&R man at CBS and got hired by Clive Davis.  He and his best friend Don Ellis both got hired out of Discount Records in Berkeley. They were both managers there.  Don became the president of Columbia Records eventually and Dan was a high up A&R guy for RCA Records and then Columbia and he signed a bunch of people.  We both ended up in music for quite a while and then he quit in the 80s.  I stole his guitar, it was a nylon string Kay.  When I auditioned for Jimmy Messina, that was the guitar I played.”  

THT: Thanks for sharing that story.

Kenny: “Thanks for asking, no one has ever asked me that!”

THT: What, come on?

Kenny: “Yeah!”

THT:  “How long did you live in Detroit?”

Kenny: “I was born Everett, Washington and my Dad was immediately transferred to Detroit and I don’t know how long I was there, just a brand-new baby.  Detroit would have made a great story, too.”  

Kenny and his dog Ryder

“I got my dog from Detroit, accidentally. I have a Cavalier King Charles and I hadn’t plan on getting him, but I went with my friend to get one for his kid and I ended up getting one for me too.  So, I named him Ryder after Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.”  

“My friend, who lived near Detroit knew Mitch Ryder, so I didn’t know he knew him and he told Mitch Ryder, that Kenny Loggins named his dog after him and he was very pleased.  I was only there for a few months and my Dad transferred back to Seattle. I am really from Seattle.”

THT: Did you have musical influence there?

Kenny:  “No, I was seven when we left Seattle and came down to LA.  I moved near Pasadena, so I’m excited to go perform at The Rose in Pasadena.  I lived in Alhambra. I went to Pasadena City College and I dropped out of course to go out on the road with the Electric Prunes band.  That was a psychedelic band in the end of the 60s. I sang “Danny’s Song” at House of Pooh Corner and people walked out.  Yep.”

David Foster and Kenny 2010

THT: You have recorded and collaborated with so many artists over the years was there any one artist that stands out?

Kenny:  “That is a tough one to answer. I remember when they asked Fred Astaire who is favorite dance partner was, he always declined to answer that because he didn’t want to make anyone mad at him.  Let me say that I have recorded with some great duets and David Foster is a brilliant writer and we wrote some great things together and of course Michael McDonald. “

Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald

“I always clicked with Michael and I totally get him.  I have enjoyed working with all of them.  But most notably is David Foster and Michael McDonald.”

THT: What is your back story with you and Jim Messina?

Kenny: “I auditioned with my brother’s guitar and it was not a great guitar.  I didn’t know Jimmy and I were almost the same age.  He is like one month older than me.  My brother and Don Ellis, who would later become the president of Columbia, they were pushing for me and Jimmy to meet and work together. They were in a management training program for Columbia Records with Clive Davis and they were the ones who turned me on to Jimmy Messina through Clive Davis. That ties everything together.”

Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina

THT: If you hadn’t been a singer, what occupation do you think you might have chosen?

Kenny: “Homeless!  I didn’t know how to do anything else.  I might have gotten into carpentry.  I love working with wood. I was deep into wood carving and was getting pretty good at it and then the knife slipped and plunged into my left hand and severed the nerve.  So, I had to give up the wood thing to let me hand heal, so that I could play the guitar passively.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Kenny Loggins, live in person while he is touring here locally at The Rose in Pasadena on Thursday, The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Saturday and The Canyon in Agoura Hills on Sunday. I can guarantee a good time for all. 

Footloose, I’m Alright! This is It, Danny’s Song, Forever and the list goes on.


To find out more about Kenny Loggins, check out his website and social media below:

Hollywood Walk of Fame – Kenny was awarded a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 23, 2000. The star is located at 7021 Hollywood Blvd.


Tanna Frederick to Star in “South of Hope Street”

Press Release:

Sci-Fi Thriller from Filmmaker Jane Spencer Currently Lensing in Zurich

Actor Tanna Frederick (“Irene in Time,” “Hollywood Dreams”) has been inked as lead in the sci-fi drama “South of Hope Street.”  Written and directed by Jane Spencer and co-starring Michael Madsen (“The Hateful Eight” and the PlayStation series “Powers”), “South of Hope Street” will feature Frederick as Denise, a woman who notices strange events in the sky, a phenomenon that only grows more curious as the world around her seems oblivious to the change.  


“It is very exciting to finally be filming ‘South of Hope Street’ with the brilliant Tanna Frederick, who worked with me on developing it when we shot it as a short a few years ago,” says director Spencer. “She has an amazing quality and truthfulness onscreen, which will be powerful against the beautiful strangeness of our story. ‘South of Hope Street’ is set a little into the future, and I like to think of films like Truffaut’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and Godard’s ‘Alphaville’ as a way to describe it….’ 

Michael Madsen will be playing the role of Benjamin

Frederick and Madsen make up part of the international cast of “South of Hope Street,” which also includes Dhafer L’Abidine (“A Hologram for the King”), Pascal Ulli (“I Am the Keeper”), Hilmir Snaer Gudnason (“101 Reykjavik”) and Patricia Sluka.


Three weeks of production will commence at the end of November in Zurich, Switzerland, and resume after the holiday break with several weeks of shooting near the mountains in Lucerne, with a planned wrap in March of 2018.  

Director Jane Spencer

Filmmaker Spencer, an American currently based in Europe, is producing the film with Remo Pini, Amy Williams, and Danijela Jasprica, through her company WARD9 Productions; the film is repped for international sales by Marina Cordoni at MCE in Toronto.  Spencer’s previous features include the “Little Noises” (which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival); “Faces on Mars” (which premiered in Switzerland at Solothurn; and “The Ninth Cloud,” which starred Madsen, Jean-Hugues Anglade, and Megan Maczko.

Based in Los Angeles, Tanna Frederick’s most recent starring role was as producer and star of the VR series “Defrost,” directed by veteran Randal Kleiser and co-starring Harry Hamlin and Bruce Davison.  That follows a number of acclaimed parts in films directed by Henry Jaglom, including “Ovation” with James Denton, “The M Word” with Michael Imperioli, “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway” with Judd Nelson, “Queen of the Lot” with Noah Wyle, “Irene in Time” with Karen Black, and “Hollywood Dreams” with Justin Kirk, which earned Frederick Best Actress Awards at film festivals in Houston, Fargo, Montana, and Iowa.  Frederick has also appeared on the sketch comedy series “TMI Hollywood.”

On stage, Frederick drew raves for her performance in Jaglom’s “Train to Zakopane,” and also starred in the film version released at the Jewish Film Festival in April 2017.  Other acclaimed stage roles include the Edgemar Theatre productions of “The Rainmaker” in 2013 (LA Stage and Eddon awards for Best Actress); and the Carl Weathers-directed “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” by John Patrick Shanley earlier this year. 

Vulture Fest L.A. 2017

James Franco arrives at Vulture Festival

By Audrey Rock

Photos THT

Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/27/17 – There’s a name for what drove the action at The Hollywood Roosevelt last weekend: Vulture Fest.  Simply-put, it’s the feel-good mania surrounding pop culture, buoyed by the massively popular site  Vulture Festival is a weekend-long celebration of all-things Vulture.  Previously, it’s only been held in New York City.  This year, Vulture held its inaugural L.A. festivities.  Continue reading “Vulture Fest L.A. 2017”

Girl Flu Offers Bittersweet Perspective on Coming-of-Age

Girl Flu Offers Bittersweet Perspective on Coming-of-Age

By Audrey Rock

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/26/2017

Bird (Jade Pettyjohn) a 12-year, old has enough on her shoulders.  She’s essentially holding her tiny family together.  Her mother, Jenny (Katee Sackoff), is an overgrown adolescent who flits about smoking weed and entertaining her significantly more mature boyfriend, Arlo (Jeremy Sisto).  So it’s really up to Bird to be the adult in the dynamic.  And until she starts her period, which proves to really rock that dynamic, it’s a piece of cake to keep it all together. 

Girl Flu, a mini-gem of a film that explores the dysfunctional dynamic between a stunted single mother and her overly mature daughter, hits the nail on the head.  A 6th grader starting her period in California isn’t an earthshaking occurrence on its own.  But writer-director Dorie Barton unearths the nuances and cataclysmic happenings that make life come to a grinding halt over it. 

Bird (Jade Pettyjohn) and her mother Jenny (Katee Sackoff) share a tender moment.

Jenny and Bird simply can’t move forward until its implications are dealt with.  Essentially, the message seems to be that Bird’s period is a screaming ironic sign that Jenny needs to grow up and parent, and Bird needs to be allowed to be a child.  “I’m never having children.  I already have my mom,” Bird grumbles mid-movie. 

The two must progress.  Their stagnation is forced to an end by Bird’s catastrophic biological incident.   

Jade Pettyjohn & Jeremy Sisto

They are supported in their heartwarmingly comic journey by Jenny’s patient boyfriend Arlo, played with measured tenderness and bewilderment by Jeremy Sisto.  Sisto has previously appeared in female-centric films including Thirteen, Clueless, and Waitress.  He doesn’t disappoint here, either, ultimately becoming an adhesive that binds a fractured mother-daughter relationship.  Arlo provides stability where Jenny simply can’t.  It’s a complicated and realistic relationship.  Perhaps she’s immature and unready to really raise a daughter.  Arlo loves her and her daughter in spite of her glaring flaws, and is up to the challenge of guiding her in the right direction. 

Deeply, director Barton seems to be digging at something society doesn’t seem to want to address.  Ever.  Jenny’s confusion towards motherhood.  She loves her daughter more than anything; but she winces at it constantly.  Bird may be experiencing what is the equivalent, or maybe even the precursor. A severe aversion to adulthood.  When Bird starts her period, she promptly takes matters into her own hands, marching down to Planned Parenthood and announcing that she needs to have her tubes tied. 

Bird (Jade Pettyjohn) mulls over the changes in her life.

This, she believes, will stop both her period and her ability to become pregnant.  She wants neither adulthood nor children. 

Lucky for Bird, though, she has the classic distraction of a sweet boy (Diego Josef) who appears from time to time to remind her of why it’s not all bad to grow up.  Unlucky for Bird, she’s being bullied at school.  

Jade Pettyjohn and Diego Josef

As the two spiral toward a significantly painful denouement, the two both pull dramatic stunts designed to get each other’s attention.  And it works.  Bird and Jenny can’t ignore their affection for each other.  For all Jenny’s confusion, she’s the mother meant for Bird.  It takes 90 minutes of struggling for them to come to that conclusion. 

Girl Flu is a nice little concoction on what society has deemed an unfit topic.  Barton makes it downright amusing with a scene starring Jenny’s friend Lilli (Heather Matarazzo) in which the two tackle the period problem head-on with an in-bathroom show on feminine hygiene.   Bird appears to relax visibly.  But, of course, it’s a much bigger problem.  As she notes: a woman will spend a full quarter of her life bleeding.  It’s a thought that seems to linger in her head like a half full jug; Jenny’s expression always seems the same.  Half full with the unwanted responsibility and worry of parenthood, and the bitter sweetness of knowing she wouldn’t trade it now that she has it. 

Heather Matarazzo, Katee Sackoff & Jade Pettyjohn

Girl Flu is yet another gem of a female-centric film—one that mulls entirely the questions of women and girls, always being sensitive and kindhearted, without ever being lowbrow.  There aren’t enough of those.  

Production Company: Free Chicken Films
Writer Director: Dorie Barton
Running Time:  93 min
Not Rated

Our House Grief Support Center’s Holiday Tips for Grievers

‘Tis the season to be merry but for grievers the holidays are fraught with emotions and decision making may be complicated. There are memories of holidays past and concerns about how to spend the holidays this year. Here are some suggestions for grievers, keeping in mind that different choices can be made again next year: 

o   Maintain traditions that feel comforting and let go of those that no longer feel right

For example: if the thought of preparing your typical holiday meal is too overwhelming, take the year off and order in or go to a favorite restaurant instead 

o   Create new traditions or meaningful rituals

For example: design or purchase a new holiday decoration that you will hang in memory of your loved one 

o   Make a toast in memory of your loved one

Chances are everyone at the table will be aware that the person who died is not there…so why not share sentiments together 

o   Remember that it is okay to laugh, cry, sing or dance whenever you feel like it 

o   Prepare special foods or bring their favorite dish to a holiday party 

o   Allow yourself time alone as well as planning time to be with others 

o   Do some volunteer work that would be meaningful to your loved one 

Families with Children are reminded that the children are grieving too! Far too often children are excluded when decisions are made about which holiday rituals and traditions from the past to uphold and when creating new ones. Offer opportunities which will help them maintain their precious memories and engage in joyful, child centered activities that allow them to enjoy still their childhood.

For example:

o   Decorate plain paper with holiday themed stamps or stencils and wrap a toy to 
donate to an emergency shelter or hospital 

o   Bake holiday cookies to serve to guests or deliver to a retirement community 

o   Design and laminate a decoration featuring a photo of your loved one

If you are supporting someone who is grieving, here are some suggestions:
o   Understand that people react in different ways. They may want the closeness of 
friends at times and need space at other times. Invite the person to social events and 
allow them to change their mind at the last minute.

o   Start the conversation. Use the name of the person who has died and share your 
memories with them.

o   Make a donation in memory of the person who died.

o   Offer to sit with or just “be” with the person who is grieving while they write letters, 
wrap presents, or address holiday cards.

o   Know that it helps just to offer a listening ear. You aren’t expected to say any magic 
worKs that will make them feel “all better.”

may this holiday season bring you comfort, strength, peace, and hope.





About OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center is one of the nation’s most respected organizations for grief support and education. For over 24 years, OUR HOUSE has helped thousands of grieving children, teens, and adults as they embark on their journeys to hope and healing after the death of someone close. Support groups specific to age and relationship take place in the safe, warm, and nurturing environment of their centers. OUR HOUSE is a leading provider of grief education, offering workshops, seminars, and in-service training to mental health and medical professionals, clergy, educators, and other members of the community who interact with bereaved families. The OUR HOUSE grief education program is part of the curricula for students at USC’s Keck and UCLA’s David Geffen Schools of Medicine.  To learn more, please visit or call 1.888.417.1444. 

Our House Grief Support Center Night for Hope Event

An Evening of Laughter, heart-warming stories, and fundraiser auction, put on by the Associate Board of Our House at the Palace Theatre, Los Angeles last week


By: Judy Shields

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/24/2017 “I have known about Our House Grief Support Center for many years.  I myself, was a bereaved child and there was no such thing as Our House Grief Support Group. When I was in social work school, I learned about the agency, because I was doing a grief project and that was it, I was hooked for life,” Michele Prince, Executive Director for the agency told The Hollywood Times.

Michele Prince & Melissa Rivers

Michele Prince said she became a staff member back in 2012 to help grow the agency.  She said there are many volunteer opportunities and that on any given week there might be 50 to 80 groups going on.  There are may volunteer opportunities and to check out their website for all the information

Michele Prince said that they are in 60 different schools all around the LA region and that the schools are listed on their website as well.

“We have three weekends every summer that are free, yes free, for kids throughout LA and Orange County.  We are part of a national camp family called Camp Erin, which is run by the Moyer foundation and we are the LA and Orange County Partner,” Michele said.

The Hollywood Times spoke with on the Associate Board Members Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith

Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith

THT: How did you get involved with Our House?

Amanda: “I got involved when I did group therapy when my Dad passed away suddenly in 2013 and I was referred here by a friend who had done the program and my therapist, who told me to check the place out.  I made a call and it sounded like a really great fit and then I was able to do a group. I did a year-long group and everyone in that group had lost a parent within that year.  I wrapped that up and said how could I stay involved further. I did a group of medical student speaking engagements, where they would teach first-year medical students about grief and how to handle patients and their families.  What people find to be helpful and challenging about dealing with medical personnel when someone is near the end of their life.  That was incredibly powerful.

Okay, now what else can I do and I was asked to speak at a board meeting and did a presentation there. They told me there was an associate board and I went through the process of getting to know everyone on the board.  Two years later, here I am.”

Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith

THT: What is an Associate Board at Our House?

Amanda:  “It is a young group of 20s – mid 40s young professionals all trying to find our way and give back to our community.  A great foot in the door to learn how non-profit organizations work and feel like we are doing something great for the community.  Lucky that Our House is where I landed.  Grief Support services for those that have lost a parent, child or spouse.  They put you in a group that is also dealing with the loss you are experiencing.”

“What a resource to know that there is an actual program designated to help people. You are not going to stop grieving, but there is a really amazing support system. There are so many little things that can really help. Even just being in a room with a bunch of people, who are there to get support as well.” Amanda Grumman-Goldsmith said.

Associate Board Members

Melissa Rivers took the stage to bring out the Associate Board Members for Our House.  They each were carrying a white poster board and Melissa asked them to share their story. Each of them turned it over and revealed Sisters, Brothers, Mom or Dad on their board.

Isiah took the stage to talk about his involvement with Our House and told a story about his little cousin, who was killed in an automobile accident a couple of years ago. “I remember, with all my  professional training and years of learning in school how to help others, but the pain became so much more real when it is someone we love.  It gave me the inspiration to go beyond my every day work and try to help those who are grieving.  It led me to accept the call from Our House to join in on this mission.  The one thing that really impressed me about Our House was when I became a camp counselor for the first time this past summer.  It was an amazing experience for me.”

“What is most impressive to me is how Our House has its practical way for people to be able to do this work.  They were able to transform business women, lawyers, firefighters, people who were willing to volunteer and transformed them into healers.  Building a community as a whole in order to heal.”

Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers told the audience that she was so touched by how many of the signs said “Dad.”  She lost her Dad when she was 18 years old and that he committed suicide and tit was very public, because of her Mom’s line of work.  She went back to college three weeks after it happened. “When my father passed there was nothing like this, you could go to a grief counselor and I was away at college and I felt different and people didn’t know what to say to me. I am so proud to be a part of it, because look how far we have come as a county and people facing and talking about grief. The main thing is that we all find out that none of us are alone.”

“Every one has a story, everyone has lost someone and the beauty of Our House, is that we are alike. You get into these groups, especially now that they are reaching out in the many school. They come from different backgrounds and even if it’s just half an hour a day, it is so important to give tonight any amount you can give and any amount is greatly appreciated.”

The audience was told that they could send a donation via a Gmail account and the donations were shown up on the big screen.

Night For Hope Sponsors

The talent part of the evening started with MC JC Coccoli, who was really funny and sure got the audience ready for the other comedians.

MC JC Coccoli


Vargus Mason, Steve Rannazzisi, Ian Edwards and Adam Ray.


There were all so funny and at times would pick on an audience member.

It was a great night of comedy and raising money for a great non-profit organization.

Vargus Mason
Steve Rannazzisi
Adam Ray
Ian Edwards








Everyone in attendance had a bag of popcorn by Popcornopolis at their chair to enjoy during the show.

The items up for auctions were all worth the money that folks were bidding on.

There were tickets to the Kings and Lakers games, gift baskets for NBC television shows “This Is Us” and “Will and Grace”, trips, golfing packages, spa packages, Disney on Ice and Universal Studios



About Our House

Grief is a natural reaction after the death of someone close. Yet in our society, few people are prepared for the intensity and duration of the grief process. Learn about OUR HOUSE Grief Support center and how we were founded on the premise that grievers need understanding, support, and connection. If you or someone you care about is grieving, we are here to help.

The OUR HOUSE mission is to provide the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope. Since 1993, OUR HOUSE has helped thousands of grieving children, teens, and adults as they embark upon their journeys to hope and healing.



Young Dubliners Last Two Concerts of The Year 2017

Bob Boulding, Dave Ingraham, Keith Roberts, Chaz Waltz & Brendan Holmes

The Young Dubliners say goodbye to Lead Guitarist Bob Boulding in last two shows in December 2017.

Muldoon’s Newport Beach, Sunday, December 3rd at 2 p.m. (It’s free) and The Canyon Club on Saturday, December 23rd at 9 p.m



By: Judy Shields

Pasadena, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/24/2017 – I’m going to start a teaching studio in Pasadena, currently in Los Feliz at the moment.”  Bob Boulding, Lead Guitarist for Young Dubliners told The Hollywood Times after his gig at The Rose in Pasadena.

The Young Dubliners played at The Rose in Pasadena last week to all us wonderful fans, who love to sing along and dance with every song.

Bob Boulding is leaving the band after 18 years.

The interview with Bob Boulding, lead guitarist with the Young Dubliners:

THT: What are looking to accomplish?

Bob: “I just want to talk to lots of kids and teenagers and get them hipped up on music. I teach people of all ages, not necessarily about just playing the instrument, but just feeling music and hearing it properly.  It’s a holistic approach and that is how I do it.”

THT: Are you going to teach people with no experience or those that have it but want to learn more?

Bob: “Oh both, I definitely specialize in the beginning, getting everyone started.  Everybody can play music, I truly believe that.”

THT: You like playing the guitar, it that instrument hard to play?

Bob: “It’s kind of hard, all instruments are hard to play in through own way.  The magic thing about a guitar is that there is certain things you can do on it, that is almost a kin to being in like a drum circle, you can make some noise and have fun and you don’t have to be Van Helen.”


Bob Boulding

THT: What is your age group going to be from youngest to the oldest?

Bob: “I get kids as young as five and all the way up to 95.  I have had some older folks before and its great and very therapeutic.  To feel and hear something in your own hands, jumping and riding around making you’re spirt dance.”

THT: What type of guitar lessons will you teach?

Bob: “I will teach bass, which is somewhat similar to guitar, some songwriting. I have written a few songs in my time too. If someone wants to know the ins and outs of putting a song together, I’ll teach that as well.”

THT: What is your webpage for your new school?

Bob: “I have new company and it’s called Super Power’s Music Academy and the website is”

“My last show with the guys is on December 23 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.”

Bob’s two last shows this year with the Dubs are at Muldoon’s Newport Beach, Sunday, December 3rd at 2 p.m. (It’s free) and The Canyon Club on Saturday, December 23rd at 9 p.m. Do yourself a favor and come out to both of these shows, you will not be disappointed.  Come talk to the band members who always come out to talk with their fans and anyone in attendance.

‘Dubs @ Muldoon’s Newport Beach – Free Concert – 02:00 PM / Sunday Dec. 3, 2017

Muldoon’s ivy-covered double-brick building wins architectural awards because of our four unique spaces, including two distinct pubs, a beautiful patio and a charming dining room, all under one roof!

The Dublin Pub is our 1st bar, built in 1974 entirely of oak, brick and brass, with our bulldog mascot stunningly rendered in stained glass. This is the spot for a game of darts! Lots of TVs to catch your favorite game!

The Celtic Bar, added in 2000, is just across our patio and gives you the chance to go bar-hopping without leaving Muldoon’s! The perfect blend of rustic, industrial beauty! It’s truly ideal for booking your private parties! Lots of TVs in here for sports, too!

Our Tavern Dining Room, also built in 1974 from finely-crafted oak, is beloved for it’s real crackling fireplace, tall oak booths and hand-painted Irish proverbs along the coffered oak ceilings. It transports you across the pond, no passport required!

These three indoor spaces form a circle around our open-air Patio, with a graceful Sycamore tree in the middle that gives shade and dappled sunlight, making it ideal for al fresco lunch, dinner, Sunday breakfast, watching sports and listening to live music!

Cèad Mìle Fàilte ~ A Hundred Thousand Welcomes


The Young Dubliners have built a fervent fan base comparable to that of jam band rockers like Phish and Dave Matthews Band. From their humble beginnings at the Irish Rover, the band evolved through various personnel changes into a pugnacious, crazy but coolly irresistible force of nature. “Even with all the touring we do, the thing that keeps us going is the one thing that never gets old,” says guitarist/vocalist Keith Roberts. “And that’s playing those older songs people love and then mixing in a new song and hearing a positive, excited reaction from the crowd for the first time. We’ve had our share of tough gigs too, but all it takes is that one great show, those perfect moments of band and audience communication, to appreciate what we’re doing up there and why. It’s all about the joy of performing, watching the people dance and hearing them sing along.”

The Canyon Club
28912 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301-3304

Info Event: $24 – 09:00 PM / Saturday, 23-Dec-2017


Get tickets here:


About Super Power’s Music Academy

There are skills that can be transferred to thousands of songs, once you have the key. There is a way that is faster, simpler, and more fun. Get guitar and bass lessons which give you a great general knowledge of music, and you get to playing songs you like, sooner. Would you embrace playing guitar more if you were able to play songs that you listen to and know? Yes!

From beginners to the accomplished, advancing on guitar or bass comes down to one thing: learning techniques used in songs. “Once someone learns a half-dozen songs, they have the ‘tools’ to grasp many more,” according to Bob. His style of explanation can connect with students of every age, and he teaches these underlying techniques to make progress satisfying, fun and easy. Lessons are customized for each individual student.

Bob Boulding is a professional musician and the lead guitarist of the Celtic rock band Young Dubliners. His teaching studio is based in Los Angeles, CA.  He has decades of individual teaching experience—in addition to over 30 years of playing guitar!

About the Young Dubliners

The Young Dubliners are quite possibly Celtic rock’s hardest working band, playing hundreds of shows to thousands of fans across the US and Europe every year. In recent years they have twice appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Good Morning America had songs featured in TV shows (Sons Of Anarchy, Human Target) and toured extensively as a headliner and as the opener for such a diverse list of artists as Collective Soul, Jethro Tull, Johnny Lang, Los Lobos and many more.

Although the Young Dubliners sound is most commonly called ‘Celtic Rock’, that label, as labels often can be, is misleading. The Irish influence is there, certainly, but it’s not the only influence that rears its head on their albums, or in live shows. After all, several of the band members have no Irish roots of any kind. “That was always the idea”, Keith Roberts, lead singer for the band explains. “The sound was always intended to be a hybrid because we all come from different backgrounds. Even though two of us are from Ireland, a lot of the music we listened to growing up wasn’t Irish at all, but when we got here, we got homesick and developed a new appreciation for Irish Music. In truth the Celtic riffs can just as easily come from the American band members. Everyone writes now so you never know what we’ll end up with when we start on a new album.

The last album (Nine) was the band’s first independently released effort. “We had a few label offers but decided we were well overdue to take things into our own hands,” says Roberts, “After eight albums on various labels it just seemed right to go it alone for once and maintain full creative control.”

However, “going it alone” did not mean without financial support and for that they turned to their fans. After only a month the band had received the necessary funds to complete the recording and the result is considered one of their greatest achievements to date.

But recordings aside this is still predominantly a live band. Relentless touring has garnered them a “following of the faithful” and this has allowed them to follow their dream year in and year out. “We are very appreciative of how the fans have continued to support the live shows. It makes for a crazy but enjoyable year despite the hectic travel schedule” says Roberts.

Interview with Aldo Iuliano


Interviewed by: Pete Borreggine (Pete is a senior software engineer, writer, published author and filmmaker)

Seattle, WA (The Hollywood Times) 11/22/17 – Continue reading “Interview with Aldo Iuliano”

Citadel Outlets 16th Annual Tree Lighting Concert

Last Saturday early evening concert featuring LA-based trio Forever In your Mind, John Lindahl and Orion Askinosie


By Judy Shields

Photos & Videos: The Hollywood Times

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/14/17 – “Thank you for coming out to The Citadel Outlets here in the beautiful city of Commerce.  It is our pleasure to have you here and enjoy yourself, be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving then a Merry Christmas. Thank you so much and enjoy yourself.”  Mayor of the City of Commerce Oralia Rebollo told the audience.

All-American Boys Chorus

Tony McEwing, Marla Tellez and Bob DeCastro were on hand to host the Citadel Christmas tree lighting concert.  The event will be broadcast on Fox Channel 11 on Thanksgiving night at 8:00 p.m.  Tony McEwing has been part of this concert for over six years now.  They talked about the other past entertainers that have been onstage at the prior years like Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Victoria Justice and told the screaming young ladies that Forever In Your Mind would be coming up soon along with John Lindahl and the All-American Boys Chorus.

Tony McEwing told the crowd that the building behind the stage was not there last year and it houses four of Marla and Bob’s favorite shops, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Hugo Boss and Guess.

They introduced those involved with the design and building of the new structure.  Tracy Markel, Director of Marketing of Citadel had each of them come up on stage to acknowledge them.  “How do you like our beautiful new building?” Tracy Markel told the crowd.   She said they tore down the old building and started building the new one in February. It opened last week.

Miss Commerce and Mayor Oralia Rebollo were brought up on the stage so that Mayor Oralia Rebollo could cut the ribbon.

It was a great celebration and amazing concert. Don’t forget to watch it on Fox 11 Thanksgiving night at 8:00 p.m.  Gather the family after dinner and enjoy the concert.

Orion Askinosie and his band Orion in The Stars

Orion Askinosie interview:

THT: What brings you out the Citadel tonight?

Orion: I am opening up for the band Forever in Your Mind.

THT: What is the name of your band?

Orion: It’s call Orian in the Stars

THT: When did you start performing?

Orion: I started performing when I was four years old and I saw the movie Grease with Danny Zuko in it and it was so unbelievable.  Ever since then, I started doing everything from plays to singing. My grandfather showed me Elvis Presley and I feel in love with Elvis. I really like him, Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown.

THT: What do you want for Christmas?

Orion Askinosie (THT)

Orion: I think love, peace and joy in the world because we really do need it right now. I would like an electric guitar.


THT: What is happening in your career right now?

Orion: I am actually sending in bids for auditions right now. I have a very big audition coming up next week and I can’t say the name of it, but it’s very big and it’s going to be on TV.


John Lindahl interview:

John Lindahl

THT: What are you looking forward to tonight?

John: I am looking forward performing with my friends onstage and I will hav e a full band and feeding off the energy of them and the crowd. I am super pumped.

THT: What do you want for Christmas?

John: Honestly, my sister is coming home from college so I am really excited to spend time with the whole family, my Mom, my Dad and Sister. I also love Nintendo Switch and there is a new game coming out called “Mario Odyssey” so I will want to check that out. I am very into video games and when I am not working on music, I’m playing video games.

THT: How long have you been singing?

John: Since I can remember. I have been performing in stage productions since I was five. I did musical theatre when I was younger. I was JoJo at the Gem theatre in Garden Grove.

John said he just turned 21 and was excited about that and that he as been so busy with work, that he hasn’t even used his right to drink yet at 21.

THT: What type of car do you drive?

John: I am leasing a Chrysler 200 right now. My favorite car that I have ever had though was a 2002 Toyota Celica midnight blue. My little racecar, my bat mobile.

Forever In Your Mind Interview:

Forever in Your Mind Emery Kelly Ricky Garcia & Liam Attridge

How did you get started?

Emery Kelly: Forever in Your Mind started about four years ago on the X-Factor, Simon Crowell discovered us, when we were off the X-Factor, Ricky and I were doing performances around LA and we had a performance in New York, and I called up my cousin Liam, who is my cousin, our Moms are Sisters, which is pretty cool. We just needed a guitarist to play for us for this big crowd of 1,500 people. It was and it was Liam’s first performance.

I asked Liam Attridge if he was nervous. He said “not really, we had a music theatre background, so we were all okay performing for a big crowd.” I really don’t get nervous.


What musical instruments do you play?

Liam Attridge: Guitar, piano, drums and the Sax.

Ricky Garcia. I like the piano a lot. I’m not that good at it, but I listen to something and try and learn it and eventually I will. I have a decent hear, since I am in music. I play a little guitar, I used to play trombone.

Emery Kelly: Guitar, alto saxophone, bass, drums, piano and my favorite is guitar and alto sax

What’s the first song you remember singing?
Emery Kelly: Probably when I was out of the womb

Liam Attridge: I used to hmm and sing myself to sleep.

Ricky Garcia: My Mom always like Aretha Franklin and soul, she was born in the 70s and I would listen to soul music. Mary J. Blige, I have always been a big fan of hers.

What do you want for Christmas?
Liam : Appreciation

Ricky: My whole family together

Emery: This is going to be ridiculous, but this year I actually want socks and underwear. Calvin Klein underwear, but I really need socks and I want them.

The concert was a huge hits for all the screaming young ladies that had been waiting for hours for it to begin.

Orion Askinosie onstage with Teddy Zig Zag on keyboard
John Lindahl


Forever In Your Mind






Ricky Garcia


Emery Kelly





CHP toy drive announcement


Santa Claus with Fox 11  New anchor Marla Tellez


CHP Toy Drive begins









On October 23, the World’s Tallest Live-Cut Tree arrived at Citadel Outlets after traveling nearly 600 miles from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. This beautiful White Fir tree is 115 feet tall and has been decorated with approximately 18,000 LED lights and 10,000 ornaments and bows! This larger-than-life display is designed to spread holiday cheer and create a special shopping experience for all of our guests that is so L.A. Join us this season to snap a photo and score your festive #CitaDEALS in style!

Fun Facts:
The tree spans 20 feet longer than an NBA basketball court.
The tree stands more than twice as tall as the letters of the Hollywood Sign.
The tree is 40 feet taller than the average Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City.
Near the end of its lifespan, this tree is part of an important forest manicuring process that frees up forest space for smaller trees and keeps the forest healthy. In the interest of forest preservation, 12 replacement trees are planted in its place.

Doors open at 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving!

Located just 10 minutes south of Downtown L.A. on the I-5, Citadel Outlets is the smartest choice for holiday deal-hunters. With 130 world class brands together in one location – and mega savings at each brand ON TOP OF the center’s daily commitment to 30-70% off retail prices – and breathtaking, record-setting holiday décor, Citadel Outlets’ Moonlight Madness sale promises an all-night, 27-hour shopping experience not only unlike anywhere else in Los Angeles but unlike anywhere else in the world.

While pausing to rest and refuel between deals, shoppers are invited to can pose for holiday photos in front of the World’s Tallest Live-Cut Christmas Tree (115-ft) adorned with over 18,000 twinkling lights, donate a new, unwrapped toy in the toy drive bins at the Customer Service Center or snap a shot of the World’s Biggest Bow from the palm tree-lined Citadel Outlets Drive.

Santa Claus will be posing for photos in his House every day from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm starting on Friday, November 24 and continuing until Christmas Eve. On Sunday, November 26, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, shoppers are invited to bring along their furry, feathery or fuzzy friend for a special “Pet Night with Santa” photo opportunity!

Sunday Night Beat Club

Logic and Khalid at Pandoras

By Michael Milano

Los Angeles,  CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/21/17 – Pandora aficionados were treated to a Sunday night special. Two of the freshest, hottest new musical acts in the world; Logic and his support act (and sometimes collaborator) Khalid. Both artists are riding high with recent billboard hits and critical acclaim. Their performances were rapturously (sic) received by the butt to flank throng in attendance. Continue reading “Sunday Night Beat Club”

Gwen Stefani at Empire State Building

Gwen Stefani on Monday, November 20 flipped the switch at the iconic Empire State Building. Kicking off the season and promoting the 2017 holiday light show, the pop icon and three-time Grammy Award winner was the star at the symbolic lighting ceremony. World-renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman will choreograph the building’s lights to Gwen Stefani’s “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” which will be simulcast on iHeartRadio. Continue reading “Gwen Stefani at Empire State Building”

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)


the 2017 New York Dinner

featuring guest host

Whoopi Goldberg

with special musical performance by

Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer

Jennifer Hudson 

Peter and Laurie Grauer, Whoopi Goldberg, Nina Grauer, and Michael Milken (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan) 


Peter and Laurie Grauer 


Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), a nonprofit organization founded by Michael Milken dedicated to identifying and funding groundbreaking cancer research programs, hosted the 2017 New York Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street New York. Legendary actress, comedian, and television host Whoopi Goldberg served as guest host for the event. The evening concluded with a stunning performance by Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson. Proceeds from the event, which raised $18 million, will support the partnership between PCF and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide precision oncology to all veterans by establishing eleven centers of excellence. By providing access to their more than 9 million patient records, PCF researchers will be able to discover new and better treatments that will impact all prostate cancer patients. The evening was the organization’s second largest fundraising night.

Notable attendees included: Michael and Lori Milken, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Laurie and Peter Grauer, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Dr. David Shulkin, Julia and David Koch, Spencer Segura, Candace Bushnell, Jim Coleman, Debra and Leon Black, Seth Bernstein, Nina Grauer, Plum and Dr. Jonathan Simons, Andrew von Eschenbach, Toni and Dr. Stuart Holden, Tina Storper, Larry Leeds, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Kristen and David Steinberg, Mitchell Modell, Maria andKenneth Fishel, Debbie and Cliff Robbins, Camille and Larry Ruvo, and Tammy and Keith Frankel. 

The evening kicked off with Michael Milken and guest host Whoopi Goldberg outlining the evening’s three themes: Women in Science, Big Data, and Family. (“What do you think of Big Data?” asked Milken. “I don’t know, maybe I should spend some time with him,” quipped Goldberg). After a beautiful rendition of the national anthem sung by army veteran Constance Campbell, guests learned about the ways PCF supports young female researchers through the PCF Young Investigator program. The Big Data portion of the evening included a speech by Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of Veteran Affairs, who was presented by Dr. Jonathan SimonsPCF President and CEO. Dr. Shulkin spoke on the VA’s commitment to transformation and modernization, including aggressively attacking prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer among veterans. The theme of Family was exemplified by the night’s honorees, Peter and Laurie Grauer, who were recognized for their commitment to cancer research and dedication to increasing the number of women in leadership positions, both in science and beyond. The evening concluded with a rousing performance by Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson, who sang hit songs including “Love You I Do,” “Spotlight,” “And I am Telling You,” and a Whitney Houston medley that got the crowd to their feet.

Live auctions for the evening included the Home Run Challenge, a national baseball tour with Michael Milken in his private plane, and the Party Like A Rockstar package, including four tickets to the Billboard Music Awards, access to the event’s rehearsal and after party, and a two-night stay at the Wynn Las Vegas. Silent auction items and events included Coachella 2018 as a guest of Beyonce; two tickets to the Super Bowl; accessories by Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton; dinner with George Clooney and more. Throughout the evening, military veteran guests in the audience were recognized. Additionally, seven of the organization’s VA Network Centers of Excellence received funding through the generous donations of attendees. AllianceBernstein CEO Seth Bernstein’s table, which included guests Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, donated a total of $1 million to the PCF Young Investigator program.

PCF’s Board of Directors includes business leaders such as Andrew J. Astrachan, James Blair, Steve Burd, Peter Grauer, David H. Koch, Honorable Earle Mack, Neil Rodin, Andrew von Eschenbach, MD; Drew Pinsky, MD; and radio and television hostClark Howard.

(Photo Credits: Patrick McMullan. See individual photo for credit.)

WHERE:                               Cipriani 42nd Street

                                        About the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF):

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the world’s leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research. Founded in 1993, PCF has raised more than $660 million and provided funding to more than 2,000 research programs at more than 200 cancer centers and universities. The PCF global research enterprise now extends to 19 countries. PCF advocates for greater awareness of prostate cancer and more efficient investment of governmental research funds for transformational cancer research. Its efforts has helped produce a 20-fold increase in government funding for prostate cancer.

For further information on the PCF, please visit

F: | T:

About Whoopi Goldberg

Winner of the coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards) actress, comedian, author, and television host Whoopi Goldberg has been entertaining audiences for more than thirty years. Along with memorable roles in films and television shows such as Sister ActGhost, and Stark Trek: The Next Generation, Goldberg is also known for her hilarious standup routines and for serving as a host on popular daytime television show The View.  The multi-hyphenate talent has also hosted numerous awards shows, including four Academy Awards ceremonies.

About Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is a Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer and actress, best known for her showstopping performance as Effie White in the 2006 film adaptation of the Broadway hit Dreamgirls. Since her debut on the music scene as a finalist on the third season of American Idol, Hudson has released three albums—Jennifer HudsonI Remember Me, and JHUD—and has appeared in films and television shows including Smash and Empire. In 2015, Hudson made her Broadway debut as Shug Avery in the revival of The Color Purple. 

Michael and Lori Milken (Photo Credit: Lieba Nesis)

Jennifer Hudson and Michael Milken (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Whoopi Goldberg (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Peter and Laurie Grauer (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Spencer Segura and David H. Koch (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Plum and Dr. Jonathan Simons (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Leon and Debra Black (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Julia Koch (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Jim Coleman and Candace Bushnell (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Seth Bernstein and Alex Rodriguez (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Andrew von Eschenbach and Toni and Dr. Stuart Holden (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Tina Storper, Larry Leeds, and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Kristen and David Steinberg (Photo Credit: Lieba Nesis)

Mitchell Modell (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Maria and Kenneth Fishel (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Cliff and Debbie Robbins (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Larry and Camille Ruvo Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Tammy and Keith Frankel (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Dr. David Shulkin (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Michael Milken, Alex Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lopez (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Jennifer Hudson performs. (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Atmosphere (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

Atmosphere (Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan)

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara’s company wins prestigious award

RAZE logotype RGB-pos



Los Angeles, CA- November 20, 2017 – RAZE, the Hispanic digital media and production company founded by “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara and seasoned industry leaders Emiliano Calemzuk and Luis Balaguer, was the recipient of the first-ever PromaxBDA Latin America’s “Game Changer Award.” The special award recognizes cultural innovators who, through the development of new technologies, applications, or business models, are transforming the business of entertainment marketing. Co-founder and CEO Emiliano Calemzuk received the award during a ceremony held November 8th at the New World Center in Miami.

“We are honored to receive such a prestigious recognition,” said Calemzuk. “Latinos represent the fastest-growing segment of the US population and are perhaps the most desirable demographic for brands looking to reach new audiences, yet they are heavily under-represented in the media. At Raze we aim to be the premier destination for millennials who are seeking content in alternative platforms, that appeals to them culturally and is reflective of their own experiences.”

Founded in January 2017, RAZE is a modern digital media company custom-built to create and distribute a unique platform of genre-defining, franchisable premium programming and experiences targeting underserved acculturated Bilingual Latino users that consume video stories on their phones with a hearty appetite. The company is utilizing its strategic partnerships to produce a hub for fresh content that appeal to this demographic as well as Latin-centered content for advertisers to harness the emergence of direct talent relationships with their fans through social media. They launched the mobile and social-first storytelling platform, RAZE TV, in June 2017.

RAZE TV targets Latino millennials and features a high quality, original programming mix of news, humor, lifestyle, fiction, and sports. Its talent roster comprises celebrities, influencers and YouTubers stars such as Sebastian Villalobos, Caeli, Luisa Fernanda W, Juana Martinez, Mario Ruiz, Juan Pablo Jaramillo, Paula Galindo (aka Pautips), Miranda Ibañez, Juan Manuel Barrientos (aka Juanma el Cielo) and Bullysteria, amongst others. Together, their talent roster reaches approximately 500 million followers across all platforms.

“Raze doesn’t feel like just another brand but more like a real person”, said Rafael Sandor, chief creative officer. It’s natural and personal, playful and honest. Our audience can feel that behind the brand is a great group of people working hard to bring them the best content.”


About RAZE
Founded by Sofia Vergara, Luis Balaguer and Emiliano Calemzuk, RAZE is a mobile and social-first entertainment platform & premium production company serving an ever-evolving and increasingly diverse community of bicultural Latinos whose lifestyles are defining the mainstream across several key demographics. Through its strategic partnerships RAZE creates and distributes genre-defining, franchisable premium programming, advertising content and experiences across multiple platforms, including O&O channels, as well as through third party traditional and
 new media broadcast and publishing outlets. To experience RAZE, please visit: www.RAZE.TV or connect via social through: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube at @razeofficial.